Some good reasons to visit Marrakech by staying in a 5 star hotel

 Moroccan Holiday in La Sultana

Moroccan Holiday in La Sultana has always made you dream, it’s time for you to take a tour and discover the city of Marrakech. The ochre city, as it is also known, has many advantages and assets that can be found everywhere else in the country. Marrakech is therefore an all-in-one. In the heart of the medina of Marrakech, you will find a haven of peace that shelters the pure traditions of Morocco, you will be able to reside there in a traditional Riad or discover the Moroccan way of life in a 5-star hotel in Marrakech. Situated a few kilometres from the mountains and the ocean, the red city has everything to satisfy the expectations of tourists who love ecological activities, but also those who love sports, luxury and well-being. It is obvious that when you return from your trip, you will have been entirely seduced by the oriental culture, just as you imagined it. There are many other reasons to choose to spend your holidays in Marrakech.

One of the first advantages of Marrakech is its proximity, the city is less than three hours flight from the main cities of the European continent. It will take you a little less than 4 hours to settle in one of the 5-star hotels of Marrakech. Many flights several times a day serve the big cities of France to Marrakech. So you’ll spend less time travelling. Once in the ochre city, you will have no difficulty in noticing that the city is well frequented by different means of transport such as taxis, buses, horse-drawn carriages, etc. You will not have any difficulty in moving around.

Another point that would encourage you to book a 5-star hotel in Marrakech is the climatic conditions. Throughout the year, the city benefits from special climatic conditions. The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate that allows tourists to spend good times even in winter, during which the average temperatures are 18 degrees Celsius. In summer, temperatures are usually around 30 degrees Celsius and can even rise to 40 degrees. Marrakech is the ideal city for sunbathing or enjoying the thermal waters in mid-December. You will be able to recharge your batteries in this city, visit the souks, discover the buildings in the Arabic or Andalusian architectural style. The imperial city will fill you with good memories.